DNS International Symposium Announcement

DNS Symposium Announcement

Midwest Rehabilitation Institute is thrilled to announce the initiation of their first DNS International Symposium! The symposium will take place in Chicago, IL at the Sheraton Hotel & Executive Center in Lisle, Illinois.

The Course List
September 7-8, 2017: DNS Exercise Course: Part II
September 9-10, 2017: DNS Exericse Course: Part III
September 7-10, 2017: DNS Pediatric Course: Part I
September 8-10, 2017: DNS Golf Specific Course
September 11, 2017: DNS Advanced Skills Course with Pr. Kolar

Pavel Kolar, PT, Paed. Dr., Ph.D
Alena Kobesova M.D., Ph.D
Petra Valouchova, P.T., Ph.D
Marcela Safarova, MPT PhD
Brett Winchester, DC
Michael Rintala, DC

Registration will open on January 1, 2017 and will be tiered based on how early you complete registration. There are two portions for the registration of the courses; an organizer (MWRI) fee and the mandatory Prague School registration fee. Links for the Prague School registration payments are located on each course’s MWRI event page.

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